My cat story

I have wanted a cat for years now. In two days time I am getting a beautiful 7year old rescue cat who is the cutest little munchkin ever. But it was a long road to getting is my “cat” story

On the 23rd of December 2014, a black and white cat wondered into our garden. We had seen him around a couple of times but never properly before until then. He kept meowing at the door so we decided to let him in- we couldn’t deny him.  We gave him some milk and a bit of cat food we had got for the hedgehog and let him stay for a bit. 

Of course this meant that he kept coming back week after week, but we didn’t mind, we thought he was homeless. Then we saw the multiple signs saying missing cat and realised that he wasn’t homeless so took him back to the person looking after him, one of my old horse riding instructors.  She said the owners were away and we’re going to be for a good 6 months so it didn’t really matter if the cat kept coming back to us.

However, when the owners came back,they were determined to get cat back. They locked him in for a whole week, only to find him escaping and coming back.  They then decided to keep him in for longer, we don’t know how long.

So we were all very sad about losing pussycat so the owners recomended us getting our own cat. We took up this offer graciously and went to the rspca to get a cat. They told us we are not allowed one because of the road we live on.

We we downhearted by this news, but kept looking at other site on the Internet. We found a lovely cat called Jeff,. But he was reserved already.

Finally we found this cute, quiet cat called Polly. She is very beautiful and we loved her. After goin to see her, we fell in love and decided to get her.She is arriving on Tuesday 12th January and I couldn’t be any more excited.

Signed Yours truly 


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