Best Friends

Best Friends

I am an only child.  In some ways I love it, but in some ways I absolutely hate it.    Being an only child means my friends are even more important to me than if I had siblings as I literally have no-one else.

Me and my best friend have been best friends since 2011.  She has helped me through the tough times and the amazing ones.  We fight, but not often and when we do, we know its nothing serious.

So basically, my message is, if you find that one person who turns ot to be your bff, never let them go and treat them how you expect to be treated.  Text them back when they text you.  Return their compliments.  Return their food and just generally be thoughtful around them because as t has been scientifically, ending a strong friendship, can be worse or just as bad as ending a marriage.  I know how that feels.  Never let your friends go and always be the bigger person and say sorry.

This was very deep lol.


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