Under £30 Gift Ideas for Girls

Hello guys!

So as I am sure most of you are aware that Christmas is approaching soon (14 days and counting) and I am sure all you people will be buying some sort of present for family or friends.  This is a gift guild for Girls of all ages under £30.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these products are from the john lewis online shop so go check them out there

Gift 1:

Clarins is a luxurious brand which A lot of older women love (and lots of younger ones as well).  Their gift sets make amazing gifts which are perfect for mums and older sisters.  The deals are great as buying all the products separately would cost more than double! This gift set was my favourite


Gift 2:

Being another lovely brand, Benefit do some amazing gifts for girls.  Their gift sets make great presents for teenage daughters or friends.  This one was the best one I saw and is a great price for the amount of stuff inside.



Gift 3:

Charlotte Tilbury makes some amazing lipsticks which are loved by all.  This in-demand gift set has 3 mini lipsticks and is one of the more expensive gifts in this guild.

Price: £29.00


Gift 4:

Molten Brown is a VERY expensive brand which is well over a lot of people price ranges.  However, In this very nifty little set, an amazing gift could e right at your finger tips.

Price: £27.90



Gift 5:

This last gift is an item of Jewellery which is under the £30 budget, (not by much though, I must admit).  A pair earrings  make a great gift for people of all ages as most people have their ears pieced and it is something which is almost guarantied to be liked by all.

Price: £27.30



Thank you so muh if you read all of this Post.  Please give this a like and I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that it helped a lot of people.



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